27 November 2011

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Hi everyone! 
Well, this is my First post; I want to tell you a bit more about why I wanted to start a Fashion Blog.

I have a passion for Fashion, and that means so much more than just loving shopping. Some people think that just because they love shopping, that means they love fashion, but Fashion is SO MUCH MORE!

collage: big shapes and very abstract
made by Fashion View (Jelske)
I like eccentricity, when it comes to the style I love to wear. I like to play with looks, and I also like to know what people in other countries are wearing as well. I believe in personal style and not in copy cats, I think it’s important to put always your signature on the stuff that you wear, it says so much about yourself. Like friends can say ‘that is just something for her.’

When you are interested in fashion, you are conscious about the trends, you have to know which styles, shapes, colours, and fabrics are coming each season. So, it’s not just buying accessories and clothes.

Some people are scared when it comes to Fashion, they don't want to wear certain things, because they think people would make fun about it. It’s true that you don't have to wear everything in trend, because some things will suit you, but other will look horrible, it’s all about your body shape, size and height, but is also true that you have to experiment, to figure out what suits you best. So when there is a new trend but it doesn’t fit your style, you are not going to wear it.

collage: stripes and abstract schapes
made by Fashion View (Jelske)
I believe that Fashion is not only catwalk fashion, but also the streets are a big runway, and the people in it are the models. I get a lot of Inspiration from the clothes and styles people wear, and many designers do. The most inspiration I get from people who dress the way they like, and don't care about others. That’s great because the got there one signature.

The most important thing is to find your one signature in your style, and then start building from there. Your style can change, because you’re changing, you can have different styles in your live.  And that style doesn’t have to fit in one group, it can fit in 20 groups if you like, the only thing that matters is: that it is your style, that you like it, and you’re happy with it.

Finding a style, can be easy. But I found it very hard. That’s maybe because I love so many sorts of styles. But now I know I don't have to have one style, and that my style is based on more styles and that’s okay.

A tip that can help you finding your one style:
  1. take some magazines and make a collage with the things that you like.
  2. witch celebs do you like, and why? What’s there style? Does it inspire you?
  3. look to your closet and pick the items you like the most, why do you like them the most? What sort of style is it?
Just experiment and then you will find your one style,

till my next post!

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  1. Hee Jelske! je blog is echt supervet, je moet er echt mee doorgaan man! tof dat je advies geeft, en ga je er ook andere foto's op zetten?
    dikke kus Charlot