19 June 2012

Kate Moss at La Galerie de I’Instant

Kate Moss is obviously a well-known model, and the genes that didn’t know her (which seems unlikely to me) will know her now.

Last September you could see her with a retrospective exhibition at La Galerie de I ‘Instant in Paris. The exhibition ranged from starting work for John Galliano, the pregnant nude portrait by Lucian Freud to the Pop Art work that Banksy made and which was devoted to her.

The title of the exhibition “Kate Moss par les plus grands photographes” which already shows that it was a super exhibition, with lots of material! That is to be expected when you’re modelling since your 15th. And Moss, on her 37th, still gets the big contracts such as Lui Jo. Undoubtedly one of the greatest examples for the current generation models.

At this moment you can visit the 50 year career of the Rolling Stones.

Previously, there was also an exhibition about Merlyn Monrou, Julia Gragnon and Terry O’Neill

Jelske (FashionView)

4 May 2012

Tenue de Tennis

blouse: €119,95 Fred Perry
Jeans: €265 Tony Coben
shoes: €39,95 H&M
sun visor: €59,95 Lacoste

Girl on the left
Polo shirt: € 119,95 Lacoste
dress: €95 Gant
Socks: 4,90 H&M
Sneakers: €45,95 Quick

dress: €209 L'Altra Moda
Polo shirt: €119,95 Lacoste
Shoes: €149,95 UGG
Headband and wristband (set): €7,50 Zipper

Girl on the right
Spencer: €60 Hackett
Polo shirt: €14,95 WE
Short: €49,95 Rags
Socks: €4,90 H&M
Sneakers: €45,95 Quick

Girl on the left
Polo shirt: €95 Gant
Jeans jacket: €140 Diesel

Girl on the right
Polo shirt: €14,95 WE
Top: €48 Rare
fillet: €39,95 Lacoste

Sweater: €179 Day Birger et Mikkelsen
Polo dress: €69 Geox
Socks: €14,95 Lacoste
Shoes: €29,90 H&M

Girl on the right
dress: €37,90 Geox
Legging: €19,90 H&M
Sneakers €45,95 Quick

Girl on the left
Tunic: €39,95 Imps&Elfs

Jumper:  €119,95 Fred Perry
Short:  €139,95 Fred Perry
Sneakers:  €89,95 Geox

Girl on the left
Polka-doted skirt:  €49 Bengh per Principesse
Legging:  €65 Sonia Rykiel
Polo shirt:  €14,95 WE
Sneakers:  €34,95 Converse

Girl on the right
T-shirt:  €5,90 H&M
Tunic:  €39,95 Limps&Elfs
Short:  €45 Hackett
Sneakers:  €45,95 Quick

Girl on the left
dress: €15,90 H&M
Legging: €34,95 Limps&Elfs
Sneakers: €34,95 Converse
fillet: €39,95 Lacoste

Girl on the right
sweater: €79 Bengh per Principesse
skirt: €89 Sonnia Rykiel
Hat: €49,95 Lacoste
Sneakers: €45,95 Quick

Dress: €145 Twinset
Sunglasses: €160 Lacoste
Shoes: €599 Tony Coben

Girl on the Left
Colbert: €109 Borz
Dress: €60 IKKS
Legging: €34,95 Limps&Elfs

Girl on the right
Jumper: €85 Sonia Rykiel
Blouse: €99 LCK
Jeans: €69 Gant
Sneakers: €34,95 Converse

Top: €270 Twenty8Twelve
Skirt: €120 Ted Baker
Socks: €39,95 Lacoste
Pumps: €199,95 Guess
sun visor: €59,95 Lacoste

Jumper: €95 Hackett
dress: €39,95 Imps&Elfs
Socks: €4,90 H&M
Sneakers: €34,95 Converse
Sweatband (part from set): €7,50 Zipper

Shoot form the magazine: Mama form may 2010
Photography: Sjoerd Geuke
Styling: Renske van der Ploeg


3 May 2012

the 9 streets online

In Amsterdam, there are 9 great shopping streets to go to. At least that is what I’ve heard. Now you can find these shops online. So you can very easily from behind your computer buy nice jewellery, art, books, gifts, vintage stuff and other cute goodies. Personally it’s a bit too expensive for me. But anyway there are a things I really like.

Go to: www.9straatjesonline.com


1 May 2012

Jackie: cover copycat

Jackie juli-augustus 2011
photography: Philip Riches
Styling: Renu Kashyap
Hair and make-up: Siddhartha for Bobbi Brown
Model: Rianne from Wilma Wakker Model Management


dress: Stella McCartney
Neckless: Aurélie Bidermann
Bracelet: Gassan Diamonds

Now you can make your own copycat look. Personally, I think the apple necklace is very nice and I like the wooden heel. I certainly will were them all summer, if I’ve got such heels. The dress with fruit print, inspired on Stella McCartney's dresses, are a big hit this summer so they are worth buying, they are very cheerful and a bit back to the fifties.

So, ready for a fruity summer


29 April 2012

perfume advertisements

J'adore Dior

Nou: Jasmin Noir, the essence of a jeweller

Prada Candy: Eau de parfume

Givenchy: Dehlia Noir, The new fragrance

Valentino: Valentina

Burberry Boddy: The new fragrance for women

Jimmy Choo Parfum

Versace: Bright crystal
These perfume advertisements are all different, the ones who appeal most to me are the adverts form J'adore Dior, Prada Candy and Versace Bright Crystal.

Why do they grab my attention?

The ad from Dior and Versace is very powerful and has a strong appearance. The Prada advertisement has something that makes me look at it. I think it is the composition of the picture and both Dior and Prada have a rather interesting vial.

Which ad grabs your attention?

Love Jelske

1 April 2012

Persuasion list: moments you want to forget

  1. On "Black Saturday" you had planned a flight to a tropical resort, you overslept and because of the huge crowds at the airport you missed plane. And you know that you have to listen for many, many birthdays to it.
  2. Your friend who had his first gray hair, and to hide them in a spontaneous mood he decides to dye his hair black and goes to live as a gothic.
  3. your favorite little black dress got lost on vacation (probably you made a Spanish cleaning lady very happy with it.)
  4. At a concert from The Black Eyed Peas you dance like crazy. So you will lose your friends and your phone. Then spend the rest of the night on a beer after an hour waiting by the car in the pouring rain.
  5. Already know that on Santa Clouse evening there won’t be waiting a new Prada bag, but the bag of blame.
  6. You went to the après-ski in your beautiful new white Gucci ski pants within seconds under the gunk is beer / jägermeister / cigarettes.
  7. That the slobbering black Lab from your parents sniffs a bit too enthusiastic when you saw him for the first time.
  8. On the very first movie premiere of your life, when your slide on the red carpet, while your sexy hold-up stocks underneath your black cocktail dress are coming down to your ankle.
  9. After a very enjoyable evening with a great guy with black curls, forgotten his name, and forgotten to ask for his number. You know that you’re never going to see him back.
  10. Cruising convertible with the black Saab from your brother, and parking it flawlessly. At least. If there were not such annoying pales in Amsterdam.
love from Jelske

15 March 2012

Mark Leibowits Backstage

This sumptuous backstage photography beats all standard and expectations of what we know as backstage documentation. All in a single shot using long exposures, photographer Mark Leibowitz captures the full essence and colors of John Galliano’s latest fashion show. Beautifully composed and full of movements, they almost look like paintings! I’m in Love!!

I hope you did enjoy it, I find it a realy innovative way of photography. And because I'm very intrested in photography I do find it extra intresting and special.

Love form Jelske